Preparing to study abroad in England

As the last few days of the work week wind down, I find myself becoming incredibly eager to embark on my first study abroad experience to England. I am looking forward to getting the chance to finally travel outside of the country but also get the opportunity to interact with people from different backgrounds.

Other than a few Girl Scout trips to Canada when I was younger, I have never been outside of the United States, and certainly not for such an extended period of time. I heard several horror stories from friends who had studied abroad about how long they had to wait to receive their passports, but mine processed in a quick three weeks.

My main concern is not flying to England, though, but rather how to navigate the city once I get there! My city transit experience is limited to a few rides on the Metro in Washington, D.C., back in 2009, so hopefully navigating the Tube in London will be as easy as I’ve heard it is. I’m also a little concerned about understanding the conversion of the U.S. dollar to the British pound, but I am confident that I will figure it out after my first few days abroad.

I am a part-time intern in the office of marketing and public relations for the city of Stillwater, so I have spent most of my time in Oklahoma the past three years. The weeks leading up to my trip consisted of a short trip home to Waco, Texas, to visit my family, figuring out what to pack and trying to finish all of my marketing campaign projects before I fly off to learn about how international companies market themselves to a global audience!

Sometime before I leave tomorrow I will have convinced myself that I can't bring nine pairs of shoes to Europe.
Sometime before I leave tomorrow I will convince myself that I can’t bring nine pairs of shoes to Europe.

Having learned about public outreach and branding on the local level, I am excited to shift gears and explore how organizations do this on an international scale. I hope this opportunity also prepares me for international travel in the future should I have a career that might send me abroad. I also want to gain an appreciation for other cultures during this trip and an understanding of the United States’ influence in other regions of the world.

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